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My Story 


My Mission: To provide a competitive, empowering, family friendly atmosphere where all horse enthusiasts can enjoy their horses and ponies!

I have loved horses since the day I was born! I think it is truly in my blood!

My mom is the hardest working person I know and I am proud to say that my mom has supported my horse 

addiction since I was a little girl!

I grew up trail riding with our local saddle club, competing at local fun shows, and at our county 4-H shows.

My mom worked really hard just so she could afford to let us compete at the local shows.  

Fast Forward 20 years: Now I have moved to the speed world!

I am fortunate enough to get to spend my weekends at barrel races with my family and friends!

My horse that I am currently competing on is Memorial Hickory, aka Frosty!

She is a little sorrel Quarter Horse mare and I feel so blessed to get to run her!

She has more heart and try than any other horse I know, she is pretty inspiring! 

When I was a kid, there was no way we could afford to show at an indoor facility!

Now I want to offer Open Shows at an Indoor facility, that everyone can enjoy! 

All ages of exhibitors and levels of riders are welcome to come show!

All breeds of horses and ponies are welcome!

I hope you will find a class that suits what you are looking for! 

Come join me in this journey as I get to produce my own open show series 

with the best crew in the world! 

See you at the show!

~Dani Wilson 

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