DW Productions LLC

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My Team

Efficiency, Professionalism, Support, & Fun all in one package! 

Dani Wilson

Show Producer
My goal is provide a positive, empowering show atmosphere for all horse enthusiasts!  Please be kind and supportive to those around you!  
Welcome to DW Productions! 

Cyndy Thorn

Announcer Extraordinaire 
Cyndy has many hours of experience behind the mic!  She is always positive and works long hours!  We are so appreciative of what she does for us! 

Suzanne & Ed Decker

Timed Event Gate Crew, Time Analyst
Ed & Suzanne are Cyndy's right hand team during the timed events!  They are double checking times and helping to place the classes!  Plus running the gate! Please thank them for all they do! 

Team Members

Taylor Allen

Ring Steward
Taylor is a gamer at heart but spends long hours helping our judges in the arena! She does a great job and is very professional! 

Dylan Clement

Office Help, Arena Help, Gate Crew
Dylan can be found anywhere his help is needed!  Dylan will be riding during timed events and helping the rest of the day! 

Sue Crouch

Office Professional  
Sue gets the lucky job of assisting Dani in the office!  It is not an easy task but someone has to do it!  She makes sure to keep the WSCA paperwork in order! 

Team Members

Shaune & Ronnie Luck

Gate Crew & Arena Crew
Shaune can typically be found helping on the In-Gate during pleasure classes and Ronnie can typically be found out in the arena during games!  We are so lucky to have this family helping with anything we need! 

Hannah Luck

Gate Crew
Hannah is a true gamer and loves her speed events!  When she is not competing she is usually helping run a gate or running paperwork!  Thank You Hannah! 

Lexie Davis

Gate Crew, Arena Crew, Office Help
Lexie is always helping with whatever I need! Her and her dad Drew are always willing to pitch in whether it is running gates, setting arena obstacles, office work, or driving tractor!  

Team Members

Katie Holthus

Check In/Gate Crew
Katie and Azlyn typcially tag team working the In-Gate during pleasure!  They do a great job and make sure to keep Cyndy on task! 

Azlyn Thompson

Check In/Gate Crew 
Azlyn can be found working with Katie on the In-Gate or running the out gate!  She is a great help and is always willing to pitch in when needed! 

Ethan Crouch

Gate Help, Office Help
Ethan is usually running the out gate or running paperwork or helping with chores or running shavings!  He pitches in and helps with everything! 

Team Members 

Nate Crouch

Gate Help, Office Help
When Nate is not competing in the timed events, he is usually working  a gate or running paperwork!  His help is greatly appreciated! 

Shawn Crouch

Gate Help, Office Help
If Shawn is not riding his horse King, then he can be found running a gate, running paperwork, or helping with odds & ends jobs! He is a great help! 

Kinzie Bale

Gate Help - Arena Help
Kinzie loves showing her ponies in the timed events and does a great job with them!  When she is not showing, she can be found doing any jobs we need help with!  

 Team Members

Amanda Kohlmeier

Gate Crew
Amanda can typically be found on the exit gate during the timed events!  She is always willing to help and we love having her on our team! 

Kerri Kuhlmeier

If Cyndy is unavailable for a show, Kerri is always up for the task!  We are glad to have her helping us whenever we need it! 

Amber McElmury

Gate Crew
Amber is always willing to step in and lend a hand when we need help! She can typically be found helping with either of the gates or running paperwork for us!